Personalized Services

During every appointment you will receive a detailed consultation, to address your individual needs. Our stylists will recommend a style that may best suit you – whether it be a classic bob, sleek long layers, or for the men a professional yet playful look. Enjoy a calming massage while receiving your shampoo and conditioning treatment. We complete your look with a professional blowout and finishing.

Best Colouring Solutions

Our colourist will custom design a formula that will compliment your natural colour or create an entire new look. We offer a free consultation and a 15-minute blow-dry with all our colour services. If you wish for a professional blowout after your colour service we would be more than happy to schedule you for a full appointment for an additional $30.


  • Cut - Hijab VIP

  • Cut - Master Stylist

  • Cut - Advanced Stylist

  • Cut - Junior Stylist



  • Cut - Master Stylist

  • Cut - Advanced Stylist

  • Cut - Junior Stylist



  • Teenagers (12 and up)

  • Kids (under 12)


Hair Styling

  • Short Hair

  • Medium Hair

  • Long Hair



  • Colour - Single Process

  • Double Process Retouch

    $200 and up
  • Root Touch-up

  • Organic Colouring

  • Colour Correction

    Please Book a Consultation
  • Colour Refresh



  • Partial Highlights

  • Full Highlights

  • Balayage

    $200 and up
  • Ombre

    $200 and up

Other Chemical Services

  • Permanent Waves

    $150 - $300
  • Japanese Straightening

  • Hair & Scalp Treatment

    $25 - $50
  • Hair Extensions

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Bridal and Occasions

  • Formal

    $100 - $150
  • Hair Treatment

    $20 - $35

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Service Descriptions

Wash, Blow-dry: your wash always includes a relaxing scalp massage. Check out our “Blow me away packages”

Women’s Haircuts

We provide professional salon haircuts for women of any age, and to complement any style.

Men’s Cuts

Men of all ages can enjoy a professional salon haircut, tailored to fit their unique style and personality.

Clean, neat and calming atmosphere surrounds you during your visit, because men need to be pampered too and demand perfection and attentions.

Kids Haircuts

Kids are people, too – and we can provide the best kid’s haircuts in GTA with professional salon haircuts to please both parent and child.

Our stylists are not only skilled but also understand that kids may need a little extra attention, care and time to make them feel comfortable first, wanting to feel right about the person that is going to work on their style, and not only want to look good, but they want to feel treated as grown ups and be taking care of in every aspect of the visit.

Our certified colour experts will help find just the right colour for you. All our staff members always keep up to date with new colouring trends and techniques, either through in-salon and academic courses to ensure that they can always share the latest and best knowledge with our guests.

Knowing the history of your hair is very important to us, a brief and exhaustive consultation will be performed during your first visit to know which process will be applied first in order to achieve the desired results. Either if you have virgin or ultra-processed hair we will find the right match of colour and technique to start with, and also helping you taking care and maintain your colour at home advising you with the best products to use according to your budget and schedule.

We also offer OLAPLEX treatments in-salon and post-treatment home care for stronger and healthier hair.

Balayage Colour

Balayage is a French word that literally means sweeping!

This freehand technique, similar to painting, is used to create a natural sun-kissed look.

Generally, Balayage is not done using foils. The lightener is applied on the surface and not saturating each section to the ends of each hair strain.

Our team of certified colour experts are here to transform your hair, applying a nice and distinctive balayage that works well with your skin tone and features.

Highlights Colour

From partial to full head highlights, we can add a subtle and fashionable touch to today’s hair styles or we can we apply full head highlights using foils that aim for a richer and more filling blonde helping them feeling more secure about their looks in a cozy and warm environment.

Ombre Highlights

Ombre is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.

No Ammonia Colour

Hair coloring is a much more scientific process that you may think, and sometimes figuring out the differences between various hair coloring options can be pretty confusing.  One substance that tends to lend itself to certain confusion is ammonia, so here are some tips to help you understand the differences between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair coloring.

To understand the differences between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair coloring, you should first understand what purpose the ammonia serves in the products.  Since coloring hair is a process that happens via chemical reaction, the ammonia serves as the agent that allows the hair follicles to swell.  When the hair is swollen, it becomes much more absorbent, which allows it to soak in the dye.  This absorption is what makes it possible for deeper and longer lasting coloring to happen, because the color is deeply connected to the hair from the inside, out.  Ammonia also aids in the lightening of hair because it works with the melanin and natural hair color while it undergoes the chemical reaction process.

Because the ammonia molecule is very small, it evaporates very quickly.  This quick evaporation is largely the culprit for the very strong smell that occurs when you’re coloring hair.  The make up of this molecule also allows for easy, quick, and clean rinsing when it’s time to remove the coloring agents from the hair.

Ammonia-free products, while free of the actual ammonia molecule, still contain certain alkaline ingredients, which are closely related to ammonia.  When using ammonia-free products, you’re likely to experience results that are less optimal than their ammonia-based counterparts.  One major reason for this is because the ammonia-free products utilize agents with much larger molecules.  The larger the molecule, the less capable it is of saturating and infusing itself into the hair follicles.  The larger molecules actually cause less swelling of the hair, which may sound counterintuitive at first thought, and the dye does not have the ability to penetrate as deeply into the hair.  The result will likely be a less vibrant color.  The superficial penetration of the dye also generally results in colour that doesn’t last as long as it would if ammonia-based products were used.

The larger molecules found in ammonia-free hair coloring also tend to leave a residue on the follicles.  Although it may be nice that these products don’t let off such a harsh odor, the lack of odor is actually indicative of the fact that the chemicals aren’t evaporating very quickly.  Along the same lines, the slower evaporation can mean a more difficult time rinsing out this coloring agent.  Often times, a residue is still left behind even after a thorough wash.

You don’t have to be confused about the differences between ammonia-based and ammonia-free hair coloring.  This breakdown should help clear up some of the confusion so you can make sure you have the proper product for your hair.

Upstyling, Updo

Let us make you look beautiful at all your special occasions

Bride and Bridesmaid

Let us make you look beautiful on the most special day of your life. We collaborate our artistic interpretation, knowledge, and skill with classic, elegant casual and/or modern looks to customize the perfect bridal hair and make-up for your special day. 30% deposit required at time of booking. 3 weeks cancellation notice.